Friday, January 28, 2011

Sick and Tired

Although I haven't had to deal with the snowy weather or freezing temperatures, my body decided to create a little natural disaster of its own these past few days. I'm no longer running a fever, but had to resort to using Tylenol yesterday, since my temperature was running close to 101 degrees. At this point, the floodwaters (or floodmucus) have made their way to my nose and are running full force. At least I don't have a fever, which was my main concern. I hope to be better by Monday at the latest so I can go see my students without interruption.

My next appointment is February 9th, but we aren't going to be doing a sonogram unless there is a need.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's Official

I have officially popped. My hip bones are disappearing! Though you can't see it with my clothes on, I have a little bump in my lower abdomen area. And, if I'm diagnosing this correctly, my fundus (the top of my uterus) is about an inch above my belly button. This is particularly alarming, as the baby books say by the end of the fourth month (around week 17), it should be right around your belly button, maybe even a bit below it. I'm halfway through my fourteenth week now. Let the bulging begin!

Hi, there! We're already each the size of your closed fist. These pictures are SO 12 weeks!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Fear and Bloating in San Antonio

The scary thing about pregnancy is, well, everything. Each little gurgle in your stomach (even though it's probably gas) makes you jump, each cramp is terrifying, and each meal you eat has to be screened for nutrients. It's the hardest thing I've done so far, and I'm only eleven weeks into it. I'm not sure the fear of something going wrong will ever subside, but I do hope each ultrasound brings good news that I can fall back on when I'm feeling anxious.

My next appointment is January 11th, and it's a big one, since this is where I will have the ultrascreen done. This will test for spinal abnormalities as well as the likelihood of having a child with Down Syndrome. Jeff will not be able to make it, since the appointment is at the same time as his first day of class this semester. I'm really excited to see him look at the screen for the first time, though, and it seems that may happen when we find out the sexes, in about a month.

I'm starting to bulge a bit, but it's not as bad in the mornings, so I know a lot of my size has to do with bloating. Once I definitely am showing, we'll take some pictures and post them. I'll feel safe telling the "world" about the news in about a month, once we're clearly out of the first trimester and things look good.